2020 update

The information on this page is 15-20 years old and is completely out of date. I still receive a lot of queries about user manuals, etc for the equipment mentioned on this page, so where possible I've updated the links to these resources -- Gavin.

This is a page with a bit of information on my amateur radio activities. You might have guessed from the domain name that my amateur radio callsign is VK6HGR.

I'm active on 2 metres and 70cms FM voice (as well as mobile). I help maintain node 6100 of the newest Radio Voice over IP system - the Internet Radio Linking Project.

This page isn't finished yet, but there are some photos here of some of the various bits of radio receivers and transcievers I own.

Packet radio

I also run a UHF/VHF/Internet packet radio BBS. (for those more used to Internet services - think of it as a 'radio Usenet server') Click here for more information.

You might also be interested in my wireless ethernet or computer pages.

Photos and info of some of my radio gear

AWA RT85 Workhorse of the early 1980s. The one in the photo is used for packet, but I've used one in my car also. I have 4 of these, all but one are still going on 2 metres with 20W output.

Philips FM747 Crystal controlled radio circa 1974. One of the two radios in the photo was on 434.200Mhz (70cms packet). The other one is for spare parts. A link to a copy of the service and alignment manuals is here

Uniden 3000XLT scanner  The second scanner I ever bought. Cost me a fortune, but they have excellent coverage and reasonable sensitivity. They have only just become discontinued.

Philips FM92. Very common ex-commercial radio part of the FM-900 series.Versions are available (or can be readily modified) all the way from the 6 and 2 metre bands, 70cm and UHF CB. I've spent many a hour tinkering with and modifying these radios! The VCO seems to have very soft/brittle solder and many of the radios now have VCO problems. Retro-review by Tony VK3JED. A very helpful Yahoogroup for these radios is the FM900 group. See instead: AusLMRadio on Groups.io

Philips FM828 Another Philips crystal controlled radio, from the late 1970s. This radio used to live in my car (no-one in their right mind would ever steal it!!)  and crystals for 438.425Mhz. These radios have independant receive and exciter (transmit) boards which can make them reasonable repeaters and many are still in service for that on UHF CB, amateur and commercial (!) bands. I bought the crystals from Hy-Q International

GME TX-4200 UHF CB. Useful for listening around the CB bands whilst driving. Info from GME.

Yaesu FT-2FB and FT-1500 The FT-2FB (the middle box in the photo - below it is an AEA PK-80 TNC) was given to me by John VK6ZED.  I use it for a few of the repeaters that are still around from when the set was crystalled and it  works well with 10W output. I have the instruction manual but it isn't dated. My guess is that it's circa about 1975.

The Yaesu FT-1500 is a 2 metre band radio. Despite the size, they are capable of 50W output and really are quite stunning radios. After many years working in my car, this particular radio is now in full-time service as my APRS gateway radio.

Uniden UH-055. The first radio I ever bought! Quite reasonable UHF CBs and I've had no problems with them. For one on the right in the photo I had plans to put it in a steel box for base-station use, but I haven't got around to it.

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