Why Christianity?

Imagine I offered you a choice of four gifts:

* The original Mona Lisa
* The keys to a brand-new Lamborghini
* A million dollars in cash
* A parachute

You can pick only one. Which would you choose? Before you decide, here’s some information that will help you to make the wisest choice: You have to jump 10,000 feet out of an aeroplane.

Does that help you to connect the dots? It should, because you need the parachute. It’s the only one of the four gifts that will help with your dilemma. The others may have some value, but they are useless when it comes to facing the law of gravity in a 10,000-foot fall. The knowledge that you will have to jump should produce a healthy fear in you and that kind of fear is good because it can save your life. Remember that..: